Garf's is all about family and community values. We've named the bar after our late step father and grandfather Arthur Daw who sadly passed away at a ripe age of 92 in June 2018. 'Garf' was our term of endearment for him which replaced the title of Dad and Granddad. Arthur was a caring soul who served in the Naval Services during World World II and once he finished in the Navy he went on to work his entire career within the Government services. He loved to travel and he loved to catch up with friends over a drink - only fitting that he have a bar named in his honor.

Rachel & Dave were lucky enough to stumble upon this beauty of a bar and thought it was too lovely to have sit empty. They have owned a variety of businesses over the past 20 years and have been involved in the hospitality industry for 7 of those years. You will see them helping out around the bar and having a chat with the customers but mostly they will be in the background. You may also be lucky enough to meet with Kay (Garf's wife) as she will be a frequent guest to sit and soak up the ambience of Garf's Bar.

Being a strong family business we decided to get Garf's eldest Granddaughter and her husband over from Edinburgh to run the bar. Ash has been in hospitality for her entire working life and understands the intricacies of running the bar along with having amazing customer service capabilities. Grant is new to our shores and we are extremely excited to have him on board. He has a real passion for this industry that he has been involved in for the past decade. Ash and Grant love Gin and all that can be done with it. They create mouthwatering cocktails to suit a variety of tastes and update the menu regularly. If you can't find anything that tickles your fancy on the menu then they're happy to make you something to suit your taste.

We welcome you to Garf's Family where we want you to relax and have a good time. Our mission is to have everyone leave with a smile on their face.